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It is important to understand that it is a rather difficult and complex process for a foreigner to buy land in French Polynesia. The reasons for this are multiplex and can be extremely frustrating and difficult to understand for those who try and bypass these obstacles or go about it on their own. Some of the most basic obstacles to overcome include:

1) Each foreign investment requires an authorization permit (issued by a "notary") from the government of French Polynesia. In most cases, the government is more likely to approve an investment if the project is business related and creates good employment possibilities for locals. The most obvious example of this is for a large hotel or resort. Smaller projects and private investments undergo a much more intense scrutinization process due to the fact that most of them will never create jobs or add to the local economy. These projects are notoriously difficult to obtain the necessary authorization permits, as it often seems each project is based on a different set of criteria.

Please see our FINANCIAL RECOMMENDATION (minimum investment) for obtaining legal permit authorization for foreigners wishing to buy real estate in French Polynesia.

2) Often times, Polynesian land divisions are hard to clear due to the fact that there are many owners for a small parcel of land. In order to clear a property for sale, all owners must give their permission and many times this is a near impossible feat. In addition, Polynesians families are very attached to the land of their ancesters for cultural reasons, (understandably) and many times have no interest in selling in the first place.

3) All communication with the proper government officials associated with the real estate authorization permit process is conducted in French. Those who don't have a fluent understanding of the language are surely recommended to utilize the services of a translator.


WHAT WE DO, WHY, AND HOW WE DO IT: (please read this first before sending us an email below)

In order to help foreigners looking to obtain investment properties in French Polynesia, we (Tahiti Sun Development), take a varied and creative approach to this goal.
We specialize in flexibility due to the fact that each property or real estate investment has its own unique set of circumstances to circumnavigate.

Some of the ways we approach this task is by:

1) Playing multiple roles in "the Process", we act as independant brokers, representatives, and/ or research agents to accomplish the main objective: make it possible for you to own or lease the property of your dreams.

2) Constantly striving to learn everything possible about the daunting "process" and all of its special details pertaining to real estate in French Polynesia, we realize that our main strength is in knowing the particulars. The key for us in helping you is to know both the smallest details and yet also have an accute understanding of the overall big picture. This is the difficulty that people who attempt this feat on their own will have to face... Our goal and service is simply to help you succeed in solving this mystery. We have an open mind and are willing to go the distance for our customers.

3) We understand that purchasing real estate in French Polynesia goes way beyond a mere investment. The beauty of the land, its climate, good political stability, wonderful healthcare system, and of course, the kindness of the people add up to something only the few and lucky will ever realize...



We want to help you accomplish the dream of purchasing property in French Polynesia... In order to do this, we ask a few things of you before contacting us:

1) We recommend that you read the entire contents on this page and familiarize yourself with the process and who we are and what we are capable of doing for you.

2) After reading this page and viewing the listings, you will be ready to send us an email... (and that will be the beginning of your Tahitian real estate journey.)

In your email, you should indicate:

A) Specific property listings you are interested in. (The listings all have reference numbers. If you don't see something you like in our listings, tell us what you are interested in with as many specific parameters as possible, and we will try and find other suitable properties for you based on the information we have and what you give us.)

B) Your complete name and COUNTRY OF ORIGIN.

C) Your realistic budget and financial limitations.


Due to the ever increasing amount of pricing inquiries of our specific listings, we offer this explanation on how we handle these requests.

Basically, TSD listings range in price from a handful of properties selling for under $ 1,000,000 - to a few private dream islands and motus listing for as high as $ 12,000,000 or more - with the majority of them falling somewhere in the "few to several million" category...

The vast differences in these asking prices reflect the great diversity of properties and opportunities we represent. This means that there's quite a large economic variance to consider for any of our would be clients. Our goal is to provide the knowledge, experience, and information to help our clients find the specific property that WORKS for them... (Unfortunately, reality also teaches us that only a small number of qualified individuals can actually afford the higher end of our pricing spectrum.)

We also respectfully suggest to all our potential clientelle that they be honest with themselves on what they can afford. Most are probably quite aware, (or at least have a general idea), of what their budget is - therefore establishing the general price range of properties they can realistically hope to purchase...

Therefore, we clarify our pricing policy as such: D
ue to proprietary reasons and the nature of our business, we MAY NOT (and probably won't) readily divulge the exact prices of many of our listings UNTIL WE DETERMINE WHAT YOUR REALISTIC BUDGET IS. (We accomplish this by working with you and asking you appropriate qualifying questions). Also, before we randomly reveal prices on listings you may not qualify for, we'd like to know
which specific listings you have your eye on.

There are many a dreamer out there and we encourage that... but at the same time we aren't afraid to tell you if something is way out of your range.

Please understand this and respect our commitment to professionalism. If we didn't work like this, we wouldn't be providing you the service you deserve.


Also, indicate if you will be putting cash down and how much or do you need financing?

D) Indicate your general reasons wanting to obtain land or property in Polynesia: Retirement? Commercial development? Second property, or vacation getaway?

E) Your time line for executing the transaction. Is something you are ready for now or are you only looking into possibilities for the future? If so, how far in the future?

The main thing is to try and be as detailed as possible. DETAILS ARE IMPORTANT FOR US TO HELP YOU! The more we know about what you want and why, the better we can help you achieve the goal.

AFTER you've read all the details above, (very important!) and familiarized yourself with the process and reviewed the f.a.q.'s (this helps us all), we look forward to receiving your Email. (don't forget to include the reference # of your listing of interest)


A few general things to consider about real estate in French Polynesia:

* It is clear that investors are placing a priority on properties on Bora Bora and Moorea, but the lands on these islands are very rare and often quite expensive. We are looking for new listings all the time. Indivision problems (see "Process- #2) often exist in one form or another.

* Unfortunately, it seems Tahiti does not offer much "exotism" to the average party seeking property. This is unfortunate. In fact, Tahiti, French Polynesia's largest island and home to 90% of its overall population does have some excellent properties available the farther one travels from the city of Papeete. Consider this.

* Huahine, Raiatea, and Tahaa are possibly the best choices for investment due to their relatively un-exploited populations and geography. (Raiatea is the 2nd largest of all Polynesian islands and claims the second largest city in French Polynesia- Uturoa). All are undeniably just as fabulously beautiful as Bora Bora or Moorea, many believing them to be more so... they just don't have the tourism hype of the "big 3" (Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Moorea).

* The Tuamotus also offer investment possibilities, but most choices are between atolls that are already open to tourism, such as Rangiroa, or atolls that are just starting to develop their recources, such as Fakarava. Although all these atolls are protected and share a fabulously wealthy marine environment attractive to divers, many are dominated by powerful pearl farms and businesses. Consider this.

* TSD suggests that no matter your eventual goals for the property, you should remain open to the possibility of "renting in the long term", or "leasing" (30 years or more) instead of attempting to obtain a purchase permit. Often times leases are far more easily achieved and benefit the investor the exact same way a purchase would. Leases are available for both commercial and private uses.


TST is worth exploring...

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